We are Halal verified!

Dear partners!

We are pleased to announce that 19.11.2018 Synteks Ing  company  have received Halal certificate for some units of its range.

“Halal” – is a globally accepted Muslim term, translation from Arabic means “permitted”.

“Halal” certification is verification of the products’ compliance to the requirements of the Law of Islam (Sharia).

Certificate “Halal” is the confirming document which certifies conformity of the production process to the requirements of the Law of Islam, and, that finished products do not contain substances, the use of which is prohibited by the Sharia.

“Halal” products are products manufactured in accordance with the requirements and norms of the Laws of Islam (Sharia), as well as indicated in the “Halal” certificate of conformity.

Using our mixes, you shouldn’t be afraid of losing the markets of Muslim communities and Muslim consumers.