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About company

About company

Synteks Ing Company – is the biggest Ukrainian producer and distributor of ingredients for food industry. We have more than 500 high quality units in our range.

The company realizes commercial activity through its exclusive partners:

Stabitek LLC and Balanсе Pro LLC.

We are:

  • The Company which cooperates with 65% of the biggest production enterprises well-known not-only in Ukraine, but also abroad
  • More than 500 units are available in our range, about 50 % of which are the innovatively developed by the group of our technologists
  • We cooperate with more than 60 suppliers of ingredients and raw materials, verified and authorized by quality, 15 of them are foreign companies
  • We import materials from Poland, Denmark, China, Hong-Kong, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Bulgaria
  • We developed and introduced 14 of our own brands, which became well-known in Ukraine: Fitcel; Biocel; Bioteks; Gidroteks; Ekocel; Laktis; Prottekt; Synteks; Tekstyr-pro; Stabiteks; Aromax; Aromateks; Rapid-ferm ; Stabcolor


The company’s history begins in 2011 with the group idea of distributional companies to set up a production platform and realize the most incredible ideas of its own customers from the food industry. From that time, Synteks ING LLC operates as producer of functional food additives, mixes and ingredients.

Synteks Ing Copmany is exclusive supplier of entire assortment for the companies such as Stabitek LLC and Balance Pro LLC.

From the moment of foundation the company Synteks  ING LLC had:

  • developed, tested and implemented more than 400 recipes of functional mixes for dairy, meat, confectionery, bakery, canning and fish industry under their own brands
  • Started to cooperate with the most reliable ingredient producers all over the world. Group of our technologist visited more than 20 plants in different countries with the purpose of production facilities inspection and exchange of experience
  • created the data-base of the best suppliers guided by the principals of proper quality, transability and safety management in accordance with HACCP and ISO systems
  • Increased triple its own production capacity
  • Became the biggest influencer in food ingredient trends among Ukrainian producers
Our andvantages

Our andvantages

  • We will solve any production problems. Today, we are the only company on the market that can, in the shortest possible time, not only develop a solution that can improve a product or production process, but also adapt existing solutions to the needs of each client, in particular. Our scientific and technological potential is unparalleled. Choosing us as a strategic partner, your company will always be in the black


  • Keep or increase the rate of return. The technologies developed during the company’s lifetime allow the products manufactured by enterprises to be improved in their functional and organoleptic characteristics without increasing the cost of the product, significantly increasing the added use value


  • We guarantee reliability and timely delivery. The logistics system of the Group of Companies allows you to get any product anywhere in our country in the shortest possible time, ensuring its freshness and a full range of useful consumer properties. By choosing us as a supplier of food ingredients, you choose a proven quality and reliable reputation as a distinguished industry leader


Exclusive partners of LLC Sinteks Ing are the companies:

LLC “Stabitek”

Address: 03142, Kiev, Krjijanovskogo str. 3, K-01 building, room 503-A

сell. +38 (098)008 94 45, stabitecs@gmail.com

LLC “Balanсе-Pro”

Address: 03142, Kiev, Krjijanovskogo str. 3, “I” building

cell. +38 (067) 406 88 94, ekkopro@gmail.com